Satire as Confession: Director Adam McKay Produces Fake Chevron Ad Condemning Needless Flights (Like 5,000-Mile Trips to His House in Ireland)


The Hollywood elitist posted his satirical oil company ad to Twitter on Thursday where it quickly went viral as climate change hardliners shared it repeatedly.

With highly incendiary language, such as “Chevron is actively murdering you every day,” and “Chevron, we don’t give a fuck about you,” Adam McKay blasts the oil giant for destroying the earth, fueling military incursions and war, and hurting every human on earth.

The Big Short director’s bogus ad starts out with melodic music and lovely scenes of nature and families but soon devolves into name calling and profanity aimed at causing viewers of the ad to hate the oil company.

The ad ends with a narrator saying, “At the end of the day, we at Chevron straight up don’t give a single fuck about you, your weird children or your stupid ratty-ass dog.”


The ad comes on the heels of a $4 million donation that McKay gave to the radical, left-wing Climate Emergency Fund, according to Variety.

Meanwhile, as the Oscar-nominated climate change activist continues to stroke his ego — saying in one interview that climate change is the “biggest threat to life in human history” — he still can’t help himself, flying from the U.S. to his second home in County Cavan, Ireland, multiple times a year.(Must be nice, Adam!).

He even praised Ireland and noted in March that his Irish estate is “one of his favourite places to write,” reported.

As Breitbart News reported, McKay has homes in Los Angeles and Ireland with a 10,000 mile roundtrip between them, making his personal carbon footprint a gargantuan thing compared to the average American’s whose life he wants curtailed to “save the earth.”

“According to the World Land Trust’s carbon calculator, a roundtrip flight for McKay, his wife Shira Piven, and their two children — even assuming economy-class seating for all four travelers — would produce 9.97 tons of CO2 as each passenger travels 10,337.2875 miles in the air. Drives to and from airports are not part of that calculation,” Breitbart’s David Ng wrote in March.

Mr. $60 million McKay is also casting a wide carbon footprint in Ireland, even with the travel statistics set aside.

“The 5,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom home underwent extensive renovations, including the replacing of the hardwood floors, gutting the kitchen and baths, and installing a new staircase,” Ng wrote describing McKay’s palatial Irish home. The costs of heating, cooling, and powering this home likely outstrips the costs of the average American home.

The average size of a home in America is only 2,261 square feet, according to Statista.

McKay may want to pare down his own climate destruction before telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

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