Maher: Climate Numbers Have Been ‘Thrown Around’ ‘Forever’ — In the 90s, They Said ‘We Were Already Going to Die’ if We Hit 2005 Levels


On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher praised the climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act but noted that climate activists have “thrown around these numbers forever.” And said that back in the 1990s “we were already going to die” if numbers reached levels they’ve already reached.

Maher began by saying that President Joe Biden “just signed the biggest climate bill ever. Finally, we’re doing something about climate.”

He continued, “Now, we don’t know, they say this is going to get us back to ’25 levels or reduce what we [are] putting out in ’25 by 2030, I don’t know. They’ve thrown around these numbers forever.”

After New York Post columnist Rikki Schlott responded, “2005 levels.” Maher said, “Yeah, right, which we were, by the way, they said in the ’90s, we were already going to die if it was at that. But it’s at least something, it’s the biggest move we’ve ever made.”


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