WATCH: Families Welcome Home Iowa National Guard Troops for Thanksgiving – ‘Most Amazing Thing’


The troops of the 3654th Support Maintenace Company are home just in time for Thanksgiving after spending nine months in 22 different locations maintaining military equipment, Fox 17 reported. The troops served in areas ranging from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia, WFMZ reported.

Jessica Dewey and her baby boy welcomed home the infant’s father. The two had not yet met.

“And he has not seen his father until this moment?” a KCCI reporter asked Dewey.

“No, this is the first time,” the mother responded as she was clearly overcome with emotion.


“And what’s going through your mind?” the reporter followed up.

“A lot of emotions,” Jessica responded.

Jessica and her love shared a long kiss once they were reunited.

Laura Sanderson welcomed home her husband and son, who were deployed together. Both of her daughters serve in the Iowa National Guard as well.

“I’m going to have all five of them under one roof. It’s been about two years since that’s happened, so I’m very excited about that,” Sanderson told Fox 17. “I have three children serving and a husband and son that just got home – they were together. So, I’m very happy to have them all home… more than blessed.”

Cindy Dennis was overjoyed to welcome her son home.

“I’m overwhelmed. He’s home finally; it’s the most amazing thing,” Dennis told KCCI.

“This is great. People really need to honor these men and women,” she added. “I don’t think we do it enough, not just because I’m mom, just because it’s just so overwhelming.”


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