Joe Biden: ‘I’m Going to Succeed’ Passing More of My Agenda


“I’m going to succeed,” Biden said, when asked about the future of his agenda. “We’re going to succeed moving forward.”

Biden spoke to reporters after Democrats rammed through their partisan $1.9 trillion American Rescue package through the Senate using budget reconciliation and their simple Senate majority. Not one Republican voted for the package.

“Look, the American people strongly support what we’re doing,” Biden said. “That’s the key here and that’s going to continue to seep down through the public, including from our Republican friends.”

Biden said Republicans would continue to get “a lot of pressure” in the future.


The president’s next plan is a massive infrastructure spending bill, a priority Republicans have signaled interest in.

“I still haven’t given up on getting their support,” Biden said about Republicans.

House Democrats continue passing big chunks of their agenda, including bills passing dramatic policing reform, election laws, and

In the coming weeks, Democrats will push forward on some of their more partisan issues including gun control, climate change, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Democrats also want to raise taxes, presumably on more wealthy Americans, to pay for their agenda.

The future of Biden’s agenda depends on whether Senate Democrats are willing to end the filibuster, ending the 60 vote requirement for a bill to move forward.

Sen. Joe Manchin suggested in an interview Sunday he had zero interest in ending the filibuster, but proposed making it “a little bit more painful” for Republicans to use it.

“If you want to make it a little bit more painful, make him stand there and talk, I’m willing to look at any way we can,” Manchin said.

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