Brooks: Trump’s Afghanistan Troop Drawdown ‘Pure Politics, So He can Brag’


On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that President Donald Trump’s reduction of troop levels in Afghanistan “seems to be just pure politics, so he can brag.”

Brooks said that while the military “probably wants to stay in a little too long.” He is “really struck by how the military leaders, especially the former militaries, the retireds, have really reacted with apoplexy to the way we’re withdrawing. And we’re going to get out, but they really think there’s no military justification, pure politics, and destructive effects in Afghanistan to get out. And for all the young men and women who served there over these many, many years, if we stay in a couple of more months, and leave a lasting legacy they can be proud of, that certainly is worth it. And so, what you see from Trump is what seems to be just pure politics, so he can brag.”

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